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Castle Wealth Planning provides an integrated offering of financial services for client's individual needs.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Over the first 9 months, the advisor and client have a series of focused meetings to discuss investments, retirement, insurance, taxes, estate planning, charitable giving, and employee benefits. In each subsequent year, there will be a scheduled review where all planning will be revisited.

Team Approach

We work in partnership with other professionals to create value for the client. By collaborating with CPA's, estate attorneys, insurance agents, and fiduciaries, all of the client's advisors are on the same page. By creating the Santa Barbara Peer Group (going strong for 1 year now!!), we've been able to meet regularly and share insights with various local professionals to keep updated on both the diverse financial world and all things local in Santa Barbara.

Retirement Planning

Personalized retirement plans, our signature work, bring together all the aspects of a client's financial picture into one integrated storyline. Whether retired or planning for retirement, a client's income, expenses, and investments are examined to see how future plans and goals can be fulfilled. Plans are performed using proprietary models tailored for each client and they are reviewed annually.

Investment Management

Portfolios are customized for each client based on their personal asset allocation. Assets are actively managed with an emphasis on diversification, low costs, and low taxes. Investment management includes sophisticated options strategies as well as reviews of 401(k)s and variable annuities. Socially Responsible Investment accounts (SRIs) are also available.

Individual Stock Selection

Stocks are researched and selected in-house using either value, growth or macro trend criteria. We find that the use of individual stocks produces lower costs, lower taxes, more customized portfolios and more detailed discussions with clients. Mutual funds and exchange traded funds are also used and actively selected.

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